Revolutionizing the Creative Media Industry’s Business Model in Malaysia – Part 1


“A Moment with Caitlin Burns about the Future of Malaysia’s Creative Industry and Entrepreneurship in Transmedia

1) Young entrepreneurs form a huge number of interested readers on our site, and they are keen to know, is it expansive to get in or to set up business in the transmedia industry?

Caitlin Burns:

The barriers to entry in Transmedia are actually fairly low and well suited to small and medium enterprises that are willing to join forces with others with related specialties. While obviously, it is expensive and difficult to get a feature film (either live action or animated) into theatres internationally, there are a lot of opportunities for distribution online and to build a fanbase for a storyworld through lower-budget media executions (short films, small games, online campaigns) that can help find the larger investment of funds or to draw the attention of international distributors. The big things that you need are a strong story that you understand, and a willingness to work with others who know more about their specialties (game developers, filmmakers, online creators) than you might. Being able to seek out and   collaborate with other groups in service to the same story world can be mutually beneficial, creating something that is larger than the sum of its parts.”

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