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The Future of Media is here: And it is Grumpy

“The digital revolution has happened, it was televised, but it was also online, on mobile devices, social media networks, out-of-home advertisement, and even books. Some of the advances in technology that have come to pass have surpassed our wildest imaginations and connected us in ways we’ve never imagined. Others delight us in ways that make […]

Beautiful Creatures, Terrible Numbers – Transmedia Coalition

“Behind the scenes content will no longer satisfy the contemporary audiences’ need to explore the narrative story world of a property. It is the characters and fabric of the fiction that is of interest to this audience, far less so the actors or director. What is compelling about the many extensions of The Hunger Games […]

The Women of Transmedia – POV Blog

Excerpted from Women of Transmedia on the POV Blog Caitlin Burns – Transmedia Producer “Transmedia philosophy: Stories are much larger than the ways we can tell them. They spread beyond the limitations of their narration into our imaginations and our dreams, so why would you assume they’d fit in any one box? It’s not just […]

TIFF 2012 Transmedia: Storytelling Without Boundries

TIFF Studio launches with an in-depth discussion on cross-platform content, featuring filmmakers on the forefront of transmedia. MODERATOR: Evan Jones (Stitch Media) GUESTS: Alex Barkaloff (US/EMEA head of “Electric City” (Reliance/Playtone)) Caitlin Burns (Transmedia Producer and Editorial Lead, Starlight Runner) Anita Lee (Producer, Stories We Tell, Home Again, Stories We Tell Interactive, Home Again Interactive) […]

Seminario Transmedia Digital+ Caitlin Burns – Bogotá, Colombia

Seminario Transmedia 2012 – Narrando historias en múltiples plataformas Organizado por Digital+ http://www.riovisual.co/index.php/lab… Conferencia: ¿Qué significa la narración transmedia para los creadores? Ahora más que nunca los creadores tienen más oportunidades para llegar a su público. Nunca hemos tenido tantos métodos para la narración de historias: cine, televisión, Internet, móvil, impresos, comics, la lista es […]

Meant to Be Seen Interviews Caitlin Burns

“It’s easy to assume that when you watch a movie like Avatar or Tron Legacy, there is a central story to follow, and that’s it.  Is there more to this storytelling than meets the eye?  Please elaborate. The story is key. It’s fairly simple to understand, the strongest narratives for this kind of work have broad […]