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Understanding Media Studies at The New School

The New School’s Graduate Media Studies program hosted Caitlin Burns as part of their public lecture series on October 6, 2014. “We’re no longer working in the Film Industry, the TV Industry or the Video Game Industry, the world of entertainment has converged and there is one clear through line: story. As a Transmedia Producer, […]

What’s the Power of Digital Asset Management? Let me tell you a story.

“Caitlin Burns & Associates makes a cameo in Alex Struminger‘s article for CMS Wire: What’s the Power of Digital Asset Management? Let me tell you a story.” “A great example of transmedia storytelling is the now famous Chipotle Scarecrow story, deemed the most successful digital marketing campaign of last year. The video story and the […]

Truth Teller: The Future of Storytelling Truth — Caitlin Burns

Truth Teller: The Future of Storytelling Truth — Caitlin Burns Arizona State University -Center for Science and the Imagination Emerge Conference 2013: “The Future of Truth” ” Can transmedia storytelling techniques combat the Danger of the Single Story? “

Why Truly Unique Women’s Programming Thrives Online – StreamDaily

Op-ed by: Caitlin Burns “There is a market for clever, female-led shows that have a modest but vibrant fanbase, and that fit a niche neither conventional nor women’s networks are filling. This has created an interesting opportunity for online video producers who want to focus on female-centric programming to court and build audiences. If they […]

Storyforward Podcast #43 – House of Cards

Listen to the entire Storyforward podcast here! “Steve Peters talks with transmedia producer Caitlin Burns about House of Cards, Netflix, politics, politics and more POLITICS on this stellar episode. Plus, a special House of Cards Cross-Media Moment: What happens next will surprise you! Or…..not. Stuff mentioned in this episode: McCarren Park The Heath (Sleep No More […]

MM13: Caitlin Burns on interactivity and the future of TV

“There are a few big questions that are crucial to what happens next in television. The first group is technical, where we can ask what can the next television set actually do? What interactivity will be possible, how will devices interact with our programs and how will people actually choose to interact with programming? Along […]

Transmedia in the Global Market (Expanding the Globe 1/4)

Published by The Producers’ Guild of America on Aug 13, 2013 Expanding the Globe Panel 2013 Producer Caitlin Burns discusses transmedia storytelling during a PGA Diversity Committee panel exploring the development, financing, and creation of content for a global audience through international co-productions. As once underdeveloped nations grow, and the reach of technology expands, how […]

Emerging Theatres- Transmedia Coalition

“For decades, the theater has been the source of much hand wringing within the entertainment industry. The ‘80s and ‘90s were boom times, to be sure. That era, at least in the United States, seems to be waning. Even though ticket sales were up in 2012, there are dire predictions for box office numbers this […]

What Vin Diesel can teach us about Transmedia Storytelling – Transmedia Coalition

  “Many people look at Vin Diesel and see the well-muscled action star of The Fast and the Furious; the high-speed, high-testosterone thrill ride that dominates box office figures with adrenaline fueled car chases. These movies are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea and rarely are they considered high art; but they certainly have captured […]

Merging Media: A Tale of Two Worlds: When Film/Tv-Game Worlds Collide

A Tale of Two Worlds: When Film/Tv-Game Worlds Collide Panel: Armando Troisi, Narrative Director, Microsoft (Halo Franchaise), Caitlin Burns (Transmedia Producer), Ian Verchere (Family Guy Online, Roadhouse Interactive), Adam Sigel (Producer/ Writer, The Red Book with John Woo), John Meadows (Writer, Avatar The Game, Lost-Via Domus-The Game), Scott Jones, (Electric Playground, Reviews on the Run). […]