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Storyforward 043: House of Cards

Steve talks with transmedia producer Caitlin Burns about House of Cards, Netflix, politics, politics and more POLITICS on this stellar episode. Plus, a special House of Cards Cross-Media Moment: What happens next will surprise you! Or…..not.

5 future-shaping trends not to be missed in 2016! – MIP Blog

Caitlin Burns: ”I’m really excited about our work with Serial Box Publishing; they’re using a different model to incubate intellectual properties taking advantage of some of the new thinking around distributed equity sharing and ideas from multiple different platforms. […] For a self-identified bookworm, finding ways to take the new behaviours around serialised reading people see on Wattpad, […]

2015 – This Year in Now Media

One year in now media vol V from Simon Staffans For the fifth year in a row, Finland’s Simon Staffans has published a unique compendium of opinion about what he calls “now media,” a coinage designed to side-step the flame wars over nomenclature (“transmedia” being the most notorious) that were underway at the time. It […]


2015 was the year of virtual reality: the technology that captures and creates environments in immersive 360-degree images. When Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus Rift in 2014, calling it “a new communication platform,” visual storytellers like myself were placed on notice. So, I signed up for Made in NY Media Center’s one-day workshop, “Virtual Reality: Business, Production, […]

Beyond Reality – “Telling Stories Through Technology: 3D, VR, and Photography in Today’s Image Making”

The #ICPtalks “Telling Stories Through Technology: 3D, VR, and Photography in Today’s Image Making” on November 18 turned around different realities: worlds beyond the ones we know through direct experience, photography, or even film. Virtual, augmented, or multi-dimensionally recorded, these new experiences are enabled by a combination of cutting-edge technology and an open mind geared […]

Cinekid Professionals Conference 2015: The future is now!

The Westergas Theater in Amsterdam brought together dozens of people from the world of children’s media during the second day of the Cinekid for Professionals 2015 industry programme (20-23 October). It was the venue chosen to hold this edition’s Professionals Conference, which, as announced months before, revolved around the topic “The Future is Now!”. The […]

Producers’ Guild New Media Wire – Member Spotlight

“I work hard to keep up with the evolution of storytelling, transmedia, interactive, VR & AR. I enjoy every moment – when I stop enjoying it, someone else should have my job.” For anyone who finds the coming VR revolution exciting (that’s just about everyone!), speaking with Caitlin Burns is invigorating. She finds herself at […]

Reality Check – c21 Media

Last week’s celebration of Back to the Future led to much navel-gazing on social media about the technologies we were supposed to be enjoying in 2015, if the 1985 film was to be believed Alas, like flying cars and hoverboards, virtual reality (VR) has so far failed to break out from the world of sci-fi into […]