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Transmedia: Art Forms Created in Real Time

Being involved in transmedia meant experimenting with new platforms for narratives, while also developing the language for their critique — both in real time. Read more at Immersive 

Story is Everywhere – Produced By Magazine Profile

There is a moment in my conversation with transmedia producer and PGA member Caitlin Burns when I wonder whether she might know… everything. It is after she has walked me through the intricacies of treating acute childhood malnourishment in developing countries but before she has explained the mythology of the video game Halo. “Pretty much […]

Caitlin Burns Awarded the PGA’s 2016 Marc Levey Distinguished Service Award

This Service Award was originally established in 2006 by the Producers Guild of America and its New Media Council in order to recognize and honor any member who has distinguished himself or herself by exceptionally meritorious service to the Producers Guild and its New Media Council. The award is presented to recipients at the Guild’s […]

The 6 Secrets To Creating A Truly Immersive Experience

“When you’re creating an immersive experience you’re inviting someone into another world, you want to be a good host. That means providing a sense of place, and a sense of a world beyond that place. Audiences crave a sense that the portion of the world they get to see and explore is part of something larger, […]

Lessons From 4 Unique Female Celebrities to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Strategist Caitlin Burns has said, “Understand your audience. It’s important to know who you’re targeting. What do they do? When do they live online? So when planning a marketing strategy that includes social media, think about ways to potentially attract a larger audience.” Read More

3 Other Social Media Platforms You Should Consider

As Caitlin Burns, a business strategist for media companies, puts it, it’s hard to tell which platforms will be the next big thing, but she sees a clear trend of moving away from data-hungry platforms into “public-ish” — more private — communities.  Read More

Screen Forward: Writing Narrative Video Games

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry following the same big studio and little indies model as film. The cinematic feel continues on screen, with great story driving many of the most interesting games – it’s become yet another outlet for writers’ ideas – and sometimes without the hindrances of effects budgets – or the laws […]